• Nick Gammon

    Looking for Larry and Sergey.

    Tue 10 Jul 2012

    "We're looking to hire some developers...."

    Manager: Hi Andrew. Please have a seat. I'd like to give you a briefing on the developer positions that we are looking to hire.
    Me: Oh great yes thanks. Finding software developers is what we do all day every day. Please go ahead. Tell me about the sort of person you are looking for.
    Manager: Now you understand of course that we only employ the best here. Every hire is critical. Only the very best for us. We need people who are a strong cultural fit. We'd rather wait a long time and get the right people, the very best people, rather than make a hiring mistake.
    Me: Of course yes, I understand.
    Manager: So we're looking for Larry and Sergey.
    Me: Yes I see. You're looking for people with the development skills, drive and passion of Larry Page and Sergey Brin? I believe the first version of Google was called Backrub back then and it was written in Java and Python I think. So we'll see if we can find people with Java and Python skills for you.
    Manager: No you don't understand. We only hire the very best at this company. Every hire is critical. We have set the bar high, but that's the only way to build our company. We don't want just any Java and Python developers. We are looking for Larry and Sergey. Top 1% you understand.
    Me: THE Larry and Sergey? You'll only hire the ACTUAL Larry and Sergey? Only those specific people?
    Manager: Yes, we'll only employ Larry and Sergey. Our team needs the best. We'll wait as long as it takes to make the right hires.
    Me: I think Larry and Sergey have jobs already. It may be a challenge to fill these roles.
    Manager: Great. I think you understand who we're after. We're looking for eight developers altogether. You might try looking on LinkedIn.

    Image of Larry and Sergey sourced from http://www.google.com/ all rights reserved

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